Powering thinking with found objects

Imagine another tool in your teams Creative Toolkit beyond flip-charts and sticky notes!


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Think with Things (TwT) is a creative process of generating, visualising and communicating new ideas, from idea creation, to problem solving, to realisation using found objects. The TwT process generates a large quantity of ideas — ideas that potentially inspire newer, better solutions — which the team can filter and narrow down into the best, most practical and innovative. These new concrete solutions can be taken away and made into plans for way(s) forward. As such, it can be an essential part the creative thinking process in education, business and policy making.

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Think with Things is promoting a playful way of making abstract ideas more concrete and visual.

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Why should our team play with objects when we have real work to get done?


boost your teams energy and participation

Play in the workplace has a quick effect on engagement for all team members. There is nothing like it to increase energy, positive attitude, a sense of belonging and communication.


learn to ask good questions and be part of the solution

Good questions should be part of every conversation. They allow teams to think critically, debate ideas, as well as, see, consider and show alternatives to ideas and approaches.


take the ‘us and them’ out of the conversation

Solve conflicts in team relationships, by representing people and situations with objects. This method takes the finger pointing and blaming away and allows teams to constructively discuss and resolve conflicts.


build a prototype of your teams joint objective.

Get your team to collaborate and communicate about their personal goals. In turn finding connections that link their goals to one team goal that they can all strive for.


design a new way around a problem

Building a problem as a physical construction makes abstract ideas more concrete and tangible opening the minds to new ideas and information.


see your teams variety of visions and talents in a new way

Team leaders can take a lot away from a TwT session as they see and hear their team members speak openly about their own personal ideas and knowledge they bring to the table. This allows them to go away with redefined definition of their teams vision and attributes.


engage everyone to open up and share

Transferring ideas, conflicts and questions to found objects gives everyone the opportunity to slow down and learn to communicate in a more open and engaged way.