This one hour session is a great way to get to know Think with Things methodology. It is specifically designed for teams interested in building a stronger community culture and open lines of communication within their team. Your team can be meeting for the first time or a well established team in need of a change of perspective through playful engagements. 


This workshop is for

  • A change of perspective
  • As an icebreaker
  • A burst of energy and playfulness
  • Perfect for teams that are unacquainted or newly acquainted
  • Established teams, which need a boost of energy and inspiration.
  • Teams of 10-150

Day at a glance

  • Members bring 10 circle objects
  • Introductions using things
  • Sorting things in beautiful collections
  • Walking & creating! Encounter different provocations and create curated collections and  compositions. 
  • Share and Reflect


  • Learn about your team
  • Fun and Engaging
  • membersFinding your own playful language
  • Explore another way to communicate
  • Seeing ideas in ordinary objects
  • Break barriers though group thinking

Creativity is Intelligence having fun!

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