Powering thinking with found objects

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Challenge to Solution


This session is a great way to get to know Think with Things methodology and how it can solve real problems or (challenges we like to say). It is specifically designed to help teams work through challenges either new or long term, in order to make them visible to everyone in the team and thus solvable by allowing challenges to be physically remodeled into viable solutions.


This workshop is for

  • Make abstract issues more tangible

  • A burst of energy and playfulness

  • Perfect for teams that are trying to work through challenges

  • New or Established teams, which need a boost of fresh perscpectives and inspiration

  • Teams of 10-150


Day at a glance

  • Members bring 10 circle objects

  • Introductions using things

  • Small teams work on challenges provided (these are created with team lead(ers) before day)

  • Presentation of challenge prototypes

  • Teams switch and work to reconstruct and solve the challenges created. Presenting their findings

  • Share and Reflect



  • Learn about your team

  • Fun and Engaging

  • Finding your own playful language

  • Explore another way to communicate

  • Seeing ideas in ordinary objects

  • Break barriers though group thinking

  • Solving real work issues and challenges

Creativity is Intelligence having fun!

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