Our Vision

Think with Things is promoting everyday objects and their connected learning possibilities. Through years of observing and working in educational settings we have come to one conclusion. Things that help us think and learning are all around us, we just need to unlock their potential. We already have all the materials we need to engage and create amazing educational outcomes for each and every person. 

Think with Things was born in 2014 as one of 7 winners of the Open Education Challenge with a goal to make a difference in education on a global level by bringing the idea of hands on learning through play, and thinking with found objects into the normal everyday structured learning environments of children, as well as adults. 

Our Mission

Three years on our foundation is still the same "promoting everyday objects and their connected learning possibilities" Although we have moved away from the fast past Edtech world, the first dream of a grassroots change education and working with businesses on inspiring creative thinking is still going strong. Our final goal has never faultered, to...


Our Team


Julie Anne(JulesGilleland

Guardian of the Idea

Designer, mother of 3 boys and education change maker with over 18 years experience in the field of design and education.

My passion lies in working with educational institutions, government initiatives, museums and corporations in the field of creating experiences and environments that inspire creative thinking.  I love presenting and training, and have played with a variety of groups from teams of teachers, museum practitioners, business people, artists, parents and children from 0-99.


Bjorn Accoe

Creator of Opportunity

Education and fun have always been a passion. Learning is an on going process that you can do anywhere anytime. By organising "Project camps" and "fun events" for kids from 3 to 12 we show that this is possible.

Kids are the future. Working at Idee Kids & The Future Generation gives me the opportunity to preserve their world and to create possibilities for them.